Tom Gesturing in Video

Materials from Mardi Gras!

We raised just over $3,000 at our Mardi Gras Gala 2019, and we’re already planning for next year. (Mark your calendar for the second annual Mardi Gras Gala: February 22, 2020!) But here’s a little video to show all of our supporters some of the great materials their partnership has helped supply.

Red Rods

Red Rods and More Materials

Through the generosity of so many people we’ve been able to acquire more materials, like red rods, for the children! Red Rods The red rods help children develop their ability to distinguish relative length. There are ten in total. The shortest rod is one decimeter (i.e., ten centimeters), the longest one meter, and each of…

Giving Tuesday Header Image

A Great Day for HCH!

#GivingTuesday was a great day for HCH! The fundraiser we set up on Facebook in conjunction with their #GivingTuesday campaigns has been a great success so far! Thus far it has raised more than $2,800 out of a target of $7,000—which is enough to fund up to 5 full scholarships for part-time students. And it…

Full Room 11-25

Shelves Setup and Ready for More Materials!

The shelves we got from Crowe’s Cabinets are set up and ready for more materials! We arranged the shelving units to define some of the spaces, separated by age group and usage. Also we were able to pull out more of the materials we’ve received in donations. We’ve got lots of space still available as…

Shelves from Crowes Cabinets at HCH

Crowes Cabinets Shelving Units Delivered

A special delivery of shelving units from Crowes Cabinets, Inc.! Noëlle has been in desperate need of additional shelving space as the quantity of materials the children need has grown. I’ve done what I could modifying IKEA shelves, but they’re less-than-optimal. Today we got a delivery from Crowes Cabinets, out of Poland, Ohio! In total, they…

A Balance Beam and More Materials!

We’ve been so blessed by so many people lately. More materials arrived from one of our wishlists, and monetary contributions enabled me to make an articulated balance beam! These materials came together from Mark and Mary Ingram (thank you so much!) who found them on our Amazon wishlist.   And Noëlle is demonstrating the articulated…