240 Club: Dinner and 35 chances to win cash prizes!

Why Should You Become a Member

Hilltop Montessori is for the Steubenville community. Our purpose is to help Steubenville families by helping their children get the best possible education: an AMI Montessori education.

And inability to pay much will never be a barrier, because we reduce tuition for those families with need. This means we need to cover our budget through fundraising.

The 240 Club is about these two things: community, and fundraising.

How it works

  • There are 240 memberships available (hence the name).
  • Each membership is $25.
  • The Club runs in six-month cycles, so there are two cycles each year.
  • Each cycle culminates in a dinner to which all Club members are invited.*
  • In each of the weeks leading up to the dinner, a number is pulled and the Club member with that number wins $25.**
  • Club members’ winning numbers are returned to the pool, so members can win more than once.
  • At the dinner, more $25 prizes are pulled, along with three larger prizes: $50, $150, $300.
  • During the dinner, Club members have the opportunity to re-up their membership for the ensuing six-month cycle, which begins one week after the dinner.
  • In all, members of the 240 Club have 35 chances to win cash prizes during each 6-month run of the Club.

Secure A Membership Today

Fill out this form to become a member and start winning today!

Cash can be arranged after receipt of information. Checks made out to "Hilltop Children's House" can be mailed to: 240 Club, Hilltop Children's House, 117 S. Hollywood Blvd. #133, Steubenville, Ohio 43952. Once we have confirmed your payment we will send your membership card. Zelle can be sent via your bank's mobile app; find us there at [email protected]

*Only members of the 240 Club are invited to the dinner: no spouses, children, or “plus ones” who are not also members. No additional tickets to the dinner are sold separately. No “takeout order only” — this is a Club-members-only, and community-building event!

**The weekly winning number is pulled on Monday. On Tuesday an email will be sent to all Club members with the name of that week’s winner. The winner has one week to write back and claim their winnings. Winnings not claimed within one week will automatically be applied to renewing that Club member’s membership for the following six-month session. If a Club member who has already been renewed for the following session wins again, and they once again do not claim their winnings within one week, the second (or third, fourth, etc.) winnings will be regarded as a donation to Hilltop Children’s House — thank you for your support! Similarly, for the three larger prizes pulled the night of the dinner, the first $25 of the prize will be applied to renewal of the member’s membership if they do not claim their winnings within one week, and all additional winnings considered a donation. If they are already renewed for the following session, all of their winnings will be considered a donation.