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Montessori Education Can Eliminate the Income Achievement Gap

Children ages 3-6 see great education benefits when they go to a good Montessori school in Steubenville, Ohio or anywhere. According to a 2017 study by the University of Virginia, a good Montessori program is the only educational method shown to eliminate the achievement gap due to income among peers. Throughout their later education, children from lower-income families more routinely achieve at the same high rate as their peers from higher-income families if they went to a Montessori primary program. A Montessori program at that young age gives children confidence, the ability to take ownership of their own learning, and other intangibles that don’t come with a conventional education.

Don’t miss out on a great Montessori school in Steubenville!


Our Mission, Vision, and more about Hilltop Children’s House.


A series of programs based on the Montessori method establish a firm foundation for children to build upon.


Seeking to provide need-based financial assistance, our programs are only possible with your support.
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Today we had the great joy of being present for the first communion of our very first student way back in 2018 and our oldest student currently.

Congratulations and may it be the first of many!

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One of the cool parts of Montessori is getting the kids to learn about the whole process of doing a work. Choosing, setup, accomplishment, cleanup, and putting it away.

This whole process doesn’t happen perfectly every time, but it is the goal, and we remind the children to think about the next step each time.

Generally, they do a pretty good job.

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Asia is one of the more difficult maps, even for an accomplished three year-old. ...

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The Good Shepherd has become a popular work lately.

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All six candles for Lent are now lit. Easter is near.

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Palm Sunday is a sort of anniversary for Hilltop Children’s House.

On Palm Sunday 2017 a gang shooting left a 15 year-old dead. He was killed just two blocks from where Tom was living at the time, and one block from where HCH is presently located.

The shooting convinced Noelle and Tom that they had to do something with their time and talents to help the children of the neighborhood. In 2018, this conviction became Hilltop Children’s House.

So Palm Sunday is a great time to step back and look at where things are. And also, to share with you all some exciting news for the future.

Presently our Primary Classroom enjoys great success.

Our materials have expanded and grown. We have 14 children this year, all ages from two-and-a-half through six, coming and learning together five days each week.

One of our students who has been with us since we opened our doors in 2018 aged out of our regular program last year. If we had an Elementary classroom she would be in it.

And we hope to provide an Elementary Classroom for her next year.

The people from whom we bought our present building in 2018 still own the building next door to ours. Our neighbors no longer have need for the the other building, they believe in what we are doing, so they have offered to sell it to us for $10,000.

This building would be perfect for a new Elementary Program. And since the back yards connect, we would fence in the entire space to be a secure shared space. Children from the two programs would interact in outdoor works like gardening, animal husbandry (yes, we would have chickens), and other large outdoor works.

As for students, well, we have more than 10 children who are ready to start THIS FALL.

Your gift of $100, $500, $1,000, or more will help Hilltop Children’s House literally take our impact to the level.

You can give via Facebook (which takes no fee), PayPal (which takes a percentage), or send us a check.

But whichever way you give, you will be giving children in Steubenville a great opportunity for a truly life-changing education!

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Two three year-olds looking for some parts of the trinomial cube that went missing.

There is such a spirit of cooperation and helpfulness among the children. ❤️

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Learning about fractions in a visual, concrete manner before introducing anything on paper or using symbols.

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One of our newer works, ironing, draws quite the audience. But from a distance, because it is HOT.

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A new striped rug gives the moveable alphabet a bit more structure. Now our children can compose stories straight across the page.

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