A Devotion to Growth and Flourishing

Based in how the Montessori method helps children, here are the five primary ways our programs will help children of the Hilltops to flourish.



A sense of wonder and awe at the real things of the world just being as they are—ducks swimming in a pond, the rain falling, dust floating through sunlight—enliven a child’s mind.


Order, the fundamental need, is essential to establishing independence and to experience beauty, and it contributes to improved cognitive outcomes for young children.


Is the environment beautiful? The child’s mind absorbs everything around them. We provide a beautiful environment so that the child becomes acquainted with beauty at a deep level.


When children are given the opportunity to take possession of their work they will pour themselves into it, and concentrate. A diligent quietness is a hallmark of a Montessori program.

Growth in Society

Giving young children an environment where their movements and decisions are ordered to a purpose, and undertaken in relation to others, so they can learn to live in harmony with one another.

These five parts are encouraged, nurtured, brought to fruition, through the Montessori method, which puts children in an environment where their natural desire to do for themselves is enabled and guided.

Rather than having tasks defined for them, or operating just to check boxes and earn rewards, children discover the value of accomplishing tasks, learning new things, taking care of their environment, making choices and learning through mistakes, and doing things for themselves.

It’s no accident that Montessori is the only educational program that has proven to eliminate the income gap in achievement—all children, regardless of their parents’ situation have the capacity to achieve through a Montessori formation.

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