Mardi Gras Raffle Sponsorships Are Available!

We welcome partners in the Mardi Gras Raffle for Hilltop Children’s House to support our programs. We have multiple levels to fit any budget, and all sponsorships are fully tax deductible.

Most are limited in number, but we’ll accept as many sponsors as are interested in partnering with us.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, email us at [email protected] and let us know!


Sponsorship Levels

Title Sponsor – $1,500
The entire raffle is named in honor of this sponsor. Logo featured at the top of the pages and in the main artwork. Name mentioned along with major promotions every time. Sponsor gets an opportunity to make special remarks during the live event on Mardi Gras.
One Available
Grand Prize Sponsor – $500 CLAIMED!
Mentioned along with Grand Prize every time it is mentioned on social media and during the live event on Mardi Gras. Logo also featured prominently on webpage.
One Available
Prize Week Sponsors – $350
Sponsors the prizes raffled off during one of the six weeks of winning. All mentions of the raffle and winnings on social media that week include a mention of the sponsor. Logo included in sponsors area of website, and sponsor mentioned during the live event on Mardi Gras, March 1.
Six Available
King Cake Sponsor – $250
Sponsors all six King Cakes raffled off on the successive Tuesdays leading up to Mardi Gras. Sponsor is mentioned in posts relating to the king cakes being raffled off, and the winners of the king cakes. Sponsor also included on the webpage and mentioned during the live event on Mardi Gras.
One Available
Supporting Sponsors – $200
Mentioned on social media once each week prior to Mardi Gras, and during live event. Logo included on webpage.
Unlimited Availability
We look forward to partnering with you!
Mardi Gras Raffle Sponsors

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